Our skin is the most vulnerable organ in the body. It is constantly exposed to the pollution, grime and the adversities of weather conditions. Not surprisingly, warty growths, corns, calluses and other excrescences such as Neurofibroma, Lipoma are some common skin infections to everyone at some stage of their lives.


    After acne, warts are the most common skin complaint. Warts are slightly contagious, and you can spread them to other parts of your body by touching them or shaving around infected areas. Children and young adults are more prone to warts because their defence mechanisms may not be fully developed, but still it is possible to get a wart at any age.

    Common warts are small, hard, rough lumps that are round and elevated; they usually appear on hands and fingers and may be flesh-coloured, white, pink or bumpy. Digitate warts are horny and finger-like, with pea-shaped bases; they appear on the scalp or near the hair-line. Filiform warts are thin and thread-like; they commonly appear on the face and neck. Flat warts appear in groups of hundreds, usually on the face, neck, chest, knees, hands, wrists or forearms; they are slightly raised and have smooth, flat or rounded tops.

Most people deal it with acid application and cauterization which often leads to disfiguration. Homoeopathy Medicines are wonderful in treating warts to get a shiny, fresh skin. It makes everybody surprise, I had treated many cases with definite results!

Corns and Calluses

Corns generally occur on the toes and balls of the feet, while calluses can develop on hands, feet or any part where there is repeated friction. A hard corn is a small patch of thickened, dead skin with a packed nucleus; a soft corn has a much thinner surface and usually occurs between the toes.

   Like corns, calluses have several variants. Besides the common callus, usually caused by friction on the hands or feet, there's the plantar callus on the bottom of the foot and the hereditary callus, found on the soles or palms.

  Although some corns and calluses on the feet develop from improper walking motion, most are caused by ill-fitting shoes. High-heeled shoes are the worst offenders, putting pressure on the toes and making women four times as likely as men to experience foot problems. Soft corns and plantar calluses may be caused either by friction or pressure.
  Sometimes corns and calluses gradually disappear when the friction or pressure is removed. To avoid corns and calluses on the feet, wear correctly fitted shoes. Acid based corn remedies, corn plasters are available over the counter. Most victims consider surgery to remove a plantar callus, but it is likely to come back anyway. Homoeopathy do wonders in eliminating the corns and callus by its internal therapy with dynamic medicines. No need for surgery! .

Cracks and Fissures

     It is common among women because their skin is comparatively soft and thereby prone to crack. If cracking is severe, fissures may develop. It is mostly seen on the hands and feet in dry weather, particularly in the dry cold conditions of the Indian winter which dries up the integument, roughens and cracks it because of its diminished elasticity. The hands are further predisposed to cracks by poor general health, avitaminosis and frequent washing with strong detergents and hard water. Cracking itself is uncomfortable; besides it may cause bleeding and also predisposes to secondary infection with fungus or bacteria and pyoderma
      Lubrication of the parts with plain Vaseline softens the integument and helps it to retain the moisture. Avoid frequent washing with detergents and hard water. Protect your soles and palms from dry climate by proper clothing, gloves etc. Whatever, the preventive measures, palliation will not cure the condition. Here, Homoeopathic Medicine takes its role to eradicate the tendency.

      Most of the patients experience the recurrence after using ointments for cracks and fissures. Take suitable Homoeopathic Remedy to see its wonderful complete cure! .


This is a tumour arising from the nerve sheaths which gives a great cosmetic disability. Pea-shaped pedunculated small masses of swelling usually starts over the trunk, limbs, and face. These painless swellings tend to appear in families. It normally appears at middle age. Surgery will not be applicable for Neurofibroma due to multipilicity of lesions. Homoeopathy medicines has the privilege in curing this ailment. It takes much time as they invade the fibrous tissue. I have treated many cases. Some patients showed a little improvement with the masses. But they were satisfied, atleast the masses did not spread further!


Medically we term this as “fatty tumour.” Multiple subcutaneous tumours are present commonly on the arms. Most patients with lipomas have only one or a few lesions, but there are patients who have many on thighs, abdomen, shoulders and sometimes all over the body. These lesions are usually small, soft and lobulated present under the skin and are somewhat mobile. They are benign and generally painless.

   This proliferative mass forming tendency usually is hereto familial. Many patients give the familial history of lipoma. Most patients prefer surgery which relieves the cosmetic disability and other pressure symptoms.


What treatment is advisable?

   Homoeopathy is very effective in proliferative pathologies. It has given exellant results in warts,corns, tumours of various kinds with out surgery. Medicines are adminstered in dynamic form to tackle the dynamic nature of the tumours. Homoeopathic medicines arouse the vital force and the immune system   is alerted to fight in natural way Naturally the proliferations of varoius disgnostic labels quite ameunable to treatment