“ Whenever I take Sulpha drugs and other modern medicines , I have itching all over! I think the medicines do not agree with my body!”

“ I don’t know why this itching and reddish patches come! I am strictly taking pure vegetarian diet even then it makes me more panic!”

“ My child passed loose stools yesterday. Now she has developed reddish patches all over and is always crying!”

“ I don’t know why this itching and swelling comes. I don’t know which food causes this allergy. According to the skin tests I don’t take any thing wrong! It suddenly comes with severe itching and swelling of my lips, eyes and all over! I am not able to breathe and feel suffocative. I have no relief with your prescription, Doctor! Why this happens?”

This series of clinical symptoms clearly indicates a physician to diagnose the situation as “Urticaria.”

What is Urticaria?
Urticaria is a common allergic reaction in which a rash of various sizes and shape appears on the skin. Urticaria are typically quite itchy and can last for just a few minutes to several days. Occasionally, however, these annoying blotches can signal more serious problems, especially when accompanied by symptoms such as difficult breathing.

In angioedema, hives develop beneath the skin and can cause disability, swelling of internal organs, life-threatening blockage of air passages, or severe uncontrollable intestinal contractions. If the swelling occurs in the throat, it can cause suffocation. Chronic cases of hives do not itch but are accompanied by abdominal pain or diarrhoea.

Those who simultaneously develop hives along with fever, nausea, abdominal cramps and shortness of breath immediately after a bee sting, insect bite or taking some medicine are in the throes of anaphylaxis. This severe shock to the immune system requires prompt medical attention. In rare cases, failure to get help quickly can be fatal.


Where to find?

You may get raised, whitish or reddish, usually itchy welts of varying size, surrounded by a red rash. You may get swelling below the surface of the skin that bothers with burning rather than itching sensation, often it appears around your eyes and lips, less frequently on the hands and feet, and rarely inside your throat, on mucous membranes, or on the genitals; these symptoms indicate an allergic reaction known as Angioedema.

Why does it appears?

When an allergen invades or irritates your body, it causes your body to unleash chemicals known as Histamines. Some react to a high histamine level by developing the rash called Hives. Basically it is a immune disorder. Allergic triggers may be in the form of food, inhalent of chemical and physical drugs.

What is allergy?
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   First of all, we should identify and then eliminate the allergic factors with improved environment and regulated food habits. But this won’t be a permanent solution. As for the treatment, Homoeopathic medicines will eradicate the allergic diathesis permanently. Mostly the patients attempt modern medicine for palliation and gets suppression. Finally they seek Homoeopathy for permanent cure.

Basically if we take a closer look into the causation, the disease is individualistic, immune based and genetically predisposed. Allergic force of the particular victim has to be eliminated layer-by-layer with a suitable Homoeopathic medicine. This could not be possible with a single attempt. Gradual decrease in the intensity of the disease would make the patient appreciate the allergens even when they are exposed. That is the reality of Homoeopathy!