I have this problem for the past fifteen years! If I take medicine it subsides for some months and again appears. I am fed up of taking the medicines! No use!". Eczema is an allergic skin disease. It is another form of Dermatitis. It is very common among infants and children. Adults do report this as a chronic ailment. Strictly speaking, eczema is a chronic form of Urticaria.

   Eczema causes a very frustrating situation for the sufferer and for the family.You can say this is a costliest skin disease. Most of the patients think that it is incurable. Homoeopathy has definite solutions!

How does it affect?
Eczema appears most frequently on the face, neck, wrists, elbows and knees but may involve any area of the body. In children, the inner creases of the knees and elbows are often affected. It usually starts with itching, and once the sufferer scratches and it's almost impossible not to scratch the skin gets even more irritated. It becomes red and dry with blister, crack and even become like dried leather. As you can imagine, it gets even more itchy, which leads to more scratching.


And with all that scratching, the skin breaks down and becomes very susceptible to infection with bacteria, viruses and fungi. Sometimes small watery blisters form that may ooze water or thick sticky “Honey” like fluid.


   Contact dermatitis is another most commonest skin lesion which may be allergic due to an irritant. Sun Allergy, Dermatitis due to imitation, Ear-rings or chain, kumkum, inner garments are very common clinical manifestations. An allergent or an irritant most often affects workers in industry, construction, hairdressing, food preparation, floristry, housekeeping, and health care. Rubber, soaps, solvents, adhesives, and metals are chief culprits on the job.

   Even the offenders include shoes, fragrances in personal hygiene products, and dyes in clothing. Your Doctor will diagnose easily and differentiate with Tinea, and Psoriasis without special investigation.

What causes it?

Allergy is the basic for Eczema. As asthma, it is a hereditary disease. Eczema is often associated with asthma. Clinical study will establish the familial tendency of anyone of the allergic diseases such as eczema, allergic rhinitis or asthma they give history of suppression of these ailments with strong medication. There are certain genes that make extra-sensitive skin. The combination of extra-sensitive skin and a trigger in the environment just pushes some victims over the eczema edge. In those predisposed to eczema, outbreaks may be caused by a change in the way a person's immune system reacts to certain kinds of physical, chemical or emotional induced stress.


   In susceptible people, outbreaks can be caused by "Allergic triggers". Besides with potential allergens, any emotionally charged event such as a move to a new job, shock or depression may trigger a flare-up of the disorder.

But how can I manage the itching?

You really can't expect a child to stop scratching something so itchy eventhough, you tell him so and you know what's good for him. Try to reduce the itch by keeping the skin moist and cool. You don't have to cut down on baths, but do use a very moisturizing soap or put a little vegetable oil in the bath. Keep those fingernails short and clean even if they do scratch, they don't cut and cause infections.

Liquid paraffin, petroleum jelly, or coconut oil topical application would help the moisturising effect. Avoid all the possible food allergens from your diet.


   Clinically, most of the eczema patients enter a Homoeopathic clinic as a chronic sufferer giving a history of suppression with antihistamines and steroids. If you study carefully, these ailments are genetically predisposed and immune-based. The chemical or steroid drugs used in modern medicine can palliate your symptoms for a short period. This suppression will take its own form with another name of allergic diseases such as Dust Allergy, Asthma and Urticaria .

If we analyze the disease it appears gradually on the particular victim as the disease force develops from the genes. This force cannot be tackled with a forcible medication. The medicine should be similar to the nature of the disease and administered in dynamic form. That could be a Homoeopathic Remedy! This wonderful medicine alone will establish a permanent cure.

Normally, people believe that the Homoeopathic medicine will make the ailment worse earlier and then heals it. This is not true . This could be possible only with a history of suppression as in this ailment with a history of strong medication. When a patient is administered with a suitable remedy he may develop his previous symptoms such as Itching or Oozing but it would make you fine with clear skin within a couple of months.

   Since eczema often runs in families, parents may have a good idea whether their own children are at risk. But even if the child inherits the predisposition, we are able to lower the chances of being a chronic sufferer.