Acne …an embarrassing problem of teens!


Mummy!… I am not able to look my face myself…. these dirty pimples disfigure my face….not able to speak in a gathering!. .. Everybody looks at my face!...

“Why the pimples are bothering me a lot! Is it due to allergy or heat?”

“I am really afraid it would disfigure my face with scars and pitting”.

-Very common complaints from teenagers.

Pimples, medically known as “Acne” is an embarrassing problem of teens. Acne is annoying for the teens since the angry red eruptions disfigure their face, hindering their charm and cheer. They are depressed with low self esteem takes intensive care to get rid of the pimples. Almost eight out of ten teenagers have acne, and also lot of adults. Acne is very common and it’s considered a normal part of puberty. It usually starts at the age of 12-14 years and it stops at the age of 23-28 years. It usually gets better after the teen years. Some individual have the eruptions even after 30’s and 40’s.

What is acne and What causes it?
Many believe that a pimple is a form of allergy or heat and starts searching the factors like cosmetics and soap. Many think that acne is appears only on face, but is can occur even in chest, back, upper shoulders. In the back the eruptions mimic like other form of skin ailments. Women with eruptions at the back embarrassed and avoid social gatherings.

The only real cause of acne is overactive oil glands in the skin. Our face and scalp is supplied with numerous oil glands, called sebaceous gland. This oil gland secretes an oil substance call sebum to maintain this skin oily, for protection. When the boys and girls attain puberty the male sex hormone, Androgen is produced in large quantity, which is responsible for your surprise growth, good musculature. The sebaceous glands also over active in some individuals and secrete more oil. Sometimes the glands swells and get clogged to give an eruption on the skin surface as “acne” or” Pimple”. Dandruff is a common complaint along with acne, since the scalp oil glands also sensitive.

White head pimples Black head pimples Pitting on face
Dark markings on face Pustules Cystic swellings


A pimple may be presented as a small eruption on forehead or cheek usually. A white head pimple which results from blocked oil gland may discharge a white material after squeezing, that experienced by many sufferers. A black head pimple results from the chemical changes that occur in the debris. A pimple may get infected to form pustules after squeezing or irritation, which leads to pitting or dark spots later as a consequence. Mostly the acne black pigmented spots and pitting which reduce self esteem for many patients. Rarely some oils glands undergo cystic selling and even scarring to the level of keloidosis, which disfigure the face.

Besides these understanding, a physician classifies these to variety of classification depending upon the intensity of lesions.

Acne can occur even in chest, back, upper shoulders

Acne triggers

Even though the primary cause for a pimple is androgen hormone stimulation, it can be accelerated by many causes. Acne tends to run in families with genetic predisposition. Mostly hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy or throughout the menstrual cycle may trigger the pimples. More eruptions are frequent complaint during the menstrual cycle. Pimples are common complaints in women with polycystic ovarian disease.
Occlusive cosmetics, cleansing agents, clothing, humidity, sweating. Inadequate face washing are the attributing factors. Dietary factors masturbation, and unfounded sex, constipation and stress are also expected acne exacerbations.

Diet for acne

A fatty and rich carbohydrate food would trigger the acne. Basically hormones are the derivatives of fat which gives slow constant contribution and rich carbohydrates are quick and instant effect in acceleration. Vitamin A and E supports epidermis of the skin.
Chocolates, Junk food, artificial drinks, sweets, bread are more in carbohydrate, which increase the secretion of insulin. A factor which is secreted in turn stimulates the sebaceous gland. Milk and Diary product which is rich in fat contribute more androgenic activity.



Do’s and don’ts

• Wash your face twice a day with soft soap and warm water. More face wash if your face is oily and sweat more. Don’t scrub your face hard towel.
• Do not use any creams which could clog your pores and contribute to acne.
• Don't touch it, squeeze it, or prick it, which could infect and form a pustule.
• Avoidance of "junk food" with its high fat and sugar content is also recommended and to take plenty of vegetables

What is the treatment?

   There are many lotions and creams available at drugstores claiming to prevent acne and clear up but the applications are only conservative. Recurrence and ineffectiveness may change a cream or lotion owing to the advice on the public forum. It would be effective only when the attention is paid towards the primary focus hormonal and its triggering factors.

  While choosing a treatment one should be keen in selection the any hormonal preparation to induce or suppress shall be avoided, which would pour another iatrogenic disease. Homoeopathy would be the choice since it devoid of such and most diluted, dynamic medicines only applied on the individual constitution

  A well selected remedy will induce the immune system and balance the hormones on its own. Gradually the aggressive eruptions will disappear. This action is clinically proved in many cases. Even though the treatment is required depending upon the mild, moderate, and severity of the cases, a homoeopathic remedy has the power to prevent the undue complications such as pitting, scarring and cystic swellings. The response to acnetiform eruptions on the back, chest, upper arm also encourageable.

  Many victims who suffer from polycystic ovarian disease, menstrual irregularities also remedied and recovered under single entity.