Depression is an emotional state in which there are extreme feelings of sadness, dejection, lack of worth and emptiness. Depression is more prevalent in women than men and especially common among adolescents and elderly people. Mostly depression is a reaction to an unhappy event. It is natural to have some depression after a loss such as the death of a relative or after a major disappointment at home or work. Depression can be a transient mood change in response to many stimuli. Both up and down moods mark normal behaviour, with alternating periods of feeling like, 'the world is a great place' and 'life is a bummer.

  In teenagers depression is common because of the normal maturation process, the stress associated with it and conflicts with parents over independence, a break-up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, failure at school or for no apparent reason.

   AIn elderly people often it starts following a chronic illness or financial crisis or loss. Some psychiatric illness, thyroid disorder, alcoholism and drugs could produce depression. Children also tend to be depressed following failures in their expectations.

A depressed teenager will have a change in appetite and sleep patterns, loss of interest or enjoyment in usual activities, prolonged sadness, failing relations with family, withdrawal from friends, feelings of worthlessness, lack of energy and poor school performance, negative behaviour and abuse of drug or alcohol. These are all signs that should alert you to a problem that may need professional counseling! Teenagers may also mask depression with a put-on front of happiness but acting-out and risk-taking behaviour indicate the underlying problem.

Suicide attempt may follow either a short or prolonged period of depression, most common in adolescents.

How to overcome?

Time and activities can reverse most depression. Regular exercise is probably more effective in reversing mild depression than medication. Stay involved with others and let them help.
Tell someone about the problem - often talking about it eases the burden. But take care of the person that you want to share with!

   Teenage suicide is associated with depression as well as many other factors. If a teenager threatens suicide, take it seriously. Although no single types of suicidal persons are noted, be alert when withdrawal, with urge to be alone, isolation, moodiness, personality change, threat of suicide giving most cherished possessions to others! Never ignore a suicide threat or attempt!

How to treat?

  Normally the depressed victims approach a doctor with an allied medical condition. Basically anxiety and depression are the platforms for many illness. We also realise that nobody is escaping from such happenings. To overcome from such unfortunate incidents, we must study ourselves, follow guidelines, counseling and proper treatment that makes you fit. Life is like a bubble! It can burst at any time! So try to ignore other things as far as possible and find some solution for your problem! There are many options out there; it is for you to choose. Make things that brings joy! Do something useful for your child, parents, brothers, friends, and if not, to the society. You can be a creator rather than a destroyer!

Use sedative drugs when you are unable to overcome the situation, but do not get addicted to it. Homoeopathy offers safe treatment to the victims. I had treated many cases with excellent results. The medicines are administered in dynamic, most diluted form and do not produce any side effects. Generally it is observed that homoeopaths give more importance to your temperament. Doctors make note of your mode of behaviour whether you are irritable, mild, weepy, jealous, suspicious and so on to click a suitable similimum.

Clinically, Homoeopathy has solutions for their irreparable problems and expectations! Now many husband and wives live together, mother-daughter relationship got better. The disease fear had vanished. The disappointment factor in love affairs smoothened and everybody lives happily with homoeopathic treatment.  


Clinical evidence


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