Asthma is another common ailment, which affects most of the children. The mucous membranes in the small branches of the airways swell and the circular muscles contract. More mucus is produced in the already restricted airways, which makes breathing a struggle. This usually produces a wheezing sound when breathing out.

Asthma is a hereditary disorder, the parents shows some allergic disorders from their family history. Allergens vary from child to child. Among them :

When is a fever critical?


    Pet allergy is very common. The proteins from the hair, spit or urine of household pets cause an allergic reaction.
   Food Allergens also predispose an attack. The most frequent food allergies are milk, eggs, fish, nuts, citrus fruits          and tomatoes.
   House mite allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to proteins in the excretion of mites. The protein attacks the                   respiratory passages causing Hay fever and Asthma.
   Cigarette, Mosquito coil smoke commonly provoke an attack.
   Cold and cough commonly aggravate an attack.
   There are a number of allergens circulated in the air, which cannot be identified exactly.

How can one get rid of this?

  The only way to treat your child is to respond normally even if he or she is exposed to such allergens because you cannot prevent the allergens.

You may ask:
"Is it possible?"
"Yes, it is possible with Homoeopathic treatment".

We differ from other systems of medicine as we focus on the genuine causative factor of the disease. This cannot be cured with a single attempt. Make your children undergo homoeopathic therapy, which annihilates the inherited disease layer gradually. In due course you would find a definite solution to child's breathing problem. I had treated many children who now are completely free from asthma. Homoeopathy offers such wonderful treatment because the medication is based on the principle of similarity application.  


Clinical evidence


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