Myasthenia Gravis mean "Grave muscle weakness." Myasthenia gravis is a auto-immune disorder, characterized by progressive muscle fatigue and weakness. Usually involves muscles around the eyes, mouth, throat and limbs. Usually occurs between age group of 20 and 40, and more common in women.

What are the causes?

This is an auto-immune disorder. The body produces antibodies to a receptor called acetylcholine, at the level of the junction between the microscopic nerve cells and in the muscles, and leads to a defect in neuro-muscular transmission. Some patients show enlargement of thymus gland. Cancer of lungs is also suspected in some cases.

What are the signs and symptoms?

The symptoms start with unexplainable fatigue. We can observe the drooping eyelids, loss of normal facial expression and difficulty in speaking. The victim suffers with double vision , difficulty in swallowing and breathing. He or she will express extreme weakness of the arms and legs characterized especially after little exertion.

Choking from swallowing difficulty, respiratory infections and respiratory paralysis are the possible complications. No special diet. Soft diet may be necessary if chewing and swallowing are difficult.

How to diagnose?

Diagnosis is made by complete history and physical examination. Tests include laboratory studies of antibodies in the blood, immuno-precipitation test for acetylcholine receptor autoantibodies (ACHRAB Assay), electromyograph, the electrical muscle test and chest X-ray.

What is the treatment?

Mostly it is believed that this condition is currently considered incurable. Life expectancy is reduced but patients usually live many years with the disease. Homoeopathic research into the causes and treatment continues, so there is hope for increasingly effective treatment and cure.

   Anticholinesterase agents, thymectomy and immunosuppressant treatment in modern medicine will not cure the disease. Remission occurs in all cases. They do not repond to such therapy later. The most suitable therapy could be Homoeopathy. First the treatment is directed towards controlling the symptoms. Since this disorder is a auto immune disorder, it is well treated with Homoeopathic Medicines without any side-effects. I had treated satisfactorily with constitutional medicines.The results kept me surprised!


Clinical evidence


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