Bell's palsy is not a common disease. It attacks the facial nerve, occurring in few people.The ailment may start due to infection or cold exposure. Clinically very rare with tumours. Post surgical paralysis and trauma may result following a surgery on the course of the nerve.

The virus most responsible for this attack is probably the Herpes Simplex-1 virus. Recent studies showed strong clinical evidence that Bell's patients' studies were found to have this virus present.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms usually appear severe immediately following exposure to cold. Most patients complain that they are affected by sitting by the window while travelling. Some patients scared with the ailments in the next morning after sleeping on terrace. Many patients fear “stroke” due to unilateral paralysis and rush for emergency aids.

The paralysis is usually unilateral, on one side of the face but it is not uncommon for patients to appear on both sides of the face. Most paralyses are once in a life-time event, but every clinician have seen many patients with a long history of multiple attacks.

The severe symptoms usually appear immediately following attack. The victim will be alerted by the symptoms such as asymmetrical smile, involuntary movement associated with a voluntary movement, tearing, inability to whistle or pucker lips and food is caught in the jaw of paralyzed side.

Drooling of liquids from sides of the paralyzed mouth, inability to close eyes, abnormal blink, lack of wrinkling on forehead of the paralyzed side are also some of the observation in patients.

What treatment suitable?

Few doses of Homoeopathic sweet pills will set right the paralysis and numbness. I had treated many forms of Bell's palsy of different causative factors with our excellent dynamic medicines. It is exciting to note certain things. I had treated a case of Paresis with cerebral atropy. The lesions in the brain made the 35 year old male victim to the involuntary slipping of lower jaw and jerkings. He was distressed with this and neurological consultations were proved vain. Finally he approached me. He continued his treatment for more than four years. Now he is all right.This uneventful cure had recommended many cases for other ailments.

   Curative ratio for nervous complaints is higher than other systems of medicine. I had been successful even in the cases of post surgical damage being a cause.

Clinical evidence


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