“We are married before three years. I have low sperm count and my doctor advised scan. He said that I have varicocele on both of my testes, he advised surgery! I am quiet afraid of surgery!!       
-A recently married, anxious couple

   Varicocele is common cause for low sperm count. A varicocele is a collection of dilated veins around the testicles, similar to varicose veins of legs. These venous enlargements may lead to a rise in temperature and a decrease in blood circulation through the testes and could negatively affect sperm production. The dilated veins are filled with excess blood.

      Every part of the body needs oxygen. Blood carries oxygen to various parts of the body through arteries. Arteries have muscular walls that pump the blood from the heart. Veins are the channels that bring the blood back to the heart and they do not have thick muscular walls. Their walls are fairly thin and the blood in them moves more passively; it is pushed back towards the heart through the pressure of the blood being pumped away from the heart and the movement of the muscles and other structures surrounding the veins pushing against the wall. The veins have a series of one-way valves. These valves allow the blood to flow towards the heart and stop the blood from "slipping" backwards. If these valves are not working, blood will flow backwards and because of gravity, the blood will collect in the most dependent, the lowest part of the pathway.


      In people who have large varicose veins in their legs, the valves are not functioning properly and the blood is actually pooling in their legs. Because of this they will find that after standing for long periods of time, the blood has collected in their legs, giving them a heavy dragging feeling. Men with varicoceles may notice a heavy, dragging, aching feeling in the scrotum "ball sack" at the end of the day. There too the valves in the veins that drain the blood from the testicles, the internal spermatic veins are not functioning properly and allow the blood to collect. Wearing tight-fitting underwear or an athletic supporter to relieve discomfort may be all that is necessary.

What are the symptoms ?

  • Swelling in the scrotum, usually on the left side is very common because the spermatic vein is longer than right.
  • Varicocele can be easily diagnosed by physical examination of the scrotum while the patient is standing. The varicocele feel like a bag of worm disappears while lying down or significantly reduced.
  • During hot weather or after exercising, an uncomfortable dragging pain may occur.

Many men know they have a varicocele because they can feel the mass of dilated veins in the scrotum. This feels like a sac of worms. These men have larger varicoceles. Varicoceles are usually found on physical examination. Sometimes an ultrasound confirms the diagnosis. Doppler study is most confirmatory.


Can we avoid surgery?

   Varicocele will not give any problem except dragging sensation and some sort of discomfort if they feel. The complication of varicocele is low sperm count with other sperm abnormalities, which can not procreate

       This condition is very similar to Haemorrhoids and varicose veins in legs. Many cases had responded drastically with homoeopathic medicines. The seminal count has raised and fertilized the ovum. Even many cases of Haemorrhoids had responded successfully

      Varicocele is not a problem for those who had given birth to child, they can even prepare for surgery as a trial. The victims who are longing for a child can choose medicinal help.



Clinical evidences

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