Stricture urethra is very common complaint noticed mostly in elderly persons.

What is stricture urethra?

     Stricture urethra is an abnormal narrowing of the urethra. Urethral stricture may be caused by inflammation or scar tissue resulting from surgery, disease or injury. It may also be caused by external pressure from an enlarging tumour near the urethra although this condition is rare. It is very common among men who have a history of sexually transmitted disease, repeated episodes of urethritis. There is also increased risk of urethral stricture after an injury or trauma to the pelvic region.

What are the symptoms?

Usually the symptom starts with pain and difficulty in urination. The urine stream is very slow and may develop either suddenly or gradually: the urine output and urinary frequency is decreased, thereby urgency is increased. Sometimes patient gets scared to see blood in semen or urine. There is mild lower abdominal pain. Some victims experience discharge from the urethra and penis swelling.

How do we diagnose?

You may first notice symptoms of prostate enlargement by yourself. But your doctor may find that your prostate is enlarged during a routine check-up. Rectal Examination is usually the first test done. The doctor inserts a gloved-finger into the rectum and feels the part of the prostate next to the rectum. This gives him a general idea about the size and condition of the gland. Ultrasound may be recommended for accurate study. PSA -- Prostatic Specific Antigen -- could rule out malignancy. Stricture can be easily diagnosed by its symptoms and routine examination such as ultrasonography and cytoscopy.

What treatment is advisable?

      Clinically stricture urethra is often noticed with prostatic enlargement. Men who have prostatic enlargement with urethral stricture symptoms, usually need some kind of treatment at sometime. Most patients ignore the symptoms until they face a "acute crisis." Early treatment is needed when the gland is just mildly enlarged. During "crisis" dilation of the urethra may be attempted. It is a procedure adopted to stretch the urethra by inserting a thin instrument. Urethral stricture may totally block urine flow, causing acute urinary retention, a condition that must be alleviated quickly.

Homoeopathic medicines have wonderful power to resolve the scar tissue formation and enlargement. These are benign tumours. Their action is similar to a fibroid uterus, warts, lipoma and cancer. Homoeo medicines respond very well with non-specific urethritis and venereal infections. They also avoid surgery in maximum number of cases.

I have come across few cases of prostatic enlargement and stricture urethra. The prognosis is good. I have cured a number of cases of non-specific urethritis those which were labelled as “incurable.” I have also cured few cases of bleeding diathesis confirmed with growth in urethral passage. Most of the victims get scared of cancer and ask, “Does it develop into a Cancer, doctor?” Take treatment. Homoeopathy will cure.


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