Counseling and Treatment

Interpersonal problems  

  Many couples face interpersonal problems in planning to conceive. Their sexual activity is mandatory and tends to fail in many occasions. A man face erectile dysfunction and female may had lack of desire in sex. Both of them suffer from psychological problems. Anxiety neurosis happens when they are advised to have relationship during the period of ovulation. Sometimes misunderstanding also starts in many partners.

A man may face enormous psychological problems owing to their habits, stress and social environment. Many keep away from their partners due to unexplainable reasons which cannot be discussed with anybody. A female also faces the same aspect as in a male partner, may have misconceptions about their size of the breast, periods and sexual relationship. These problems cannot be discussed in detail, for which they need counseling. Education of such causative factors should be cleared and Postponing will results in swallow the time. An infertile couple may need counseling as first phase.

Homoeopathy finds solutions to the psychosomatic problems pertaining to the relationship. A man can be potent to regular sexual activity and a female can be aroused with suitable drugs prescribed based on the physical and mental symptoms.

Male problems

A male partner may face problems in erection, misconceptions about size of their organ, sexual perversions. Problems in healthy sperm production also encountered as a massive problem in infertility. Varicocele is the main causative factor in many victims for low sperm count. Some bad effects of alcohol, smoking and drug addiction also remedied. Many young males may face hypogonadism, which has been attributing as a reason for denial for wedded life also remedied excellently.

Homoeopathy has served in many individuals and made them happy to fit the occasion, helped in low self esteem. Excellent results in sperm abnormalities and count. Auto immunity and sexually transmitted disease also tackled well. There are lots of clinical evidences available with drastic results.

Female problems

Problems in maturation of a healthy ovum results due to hormonal imbalance very commonly. Poly cystic ovarian disease and thyroid dysfunction takes high share in such disorder. Infection plays an important role which makes the urogenital tract unhealthy to receive sperm and major cause for tubal block in many cases. Uterine fibroids, endometriosis also detected clinically as a cause for infertility in woman.

Homoeopathy remedied hormonal imbalance which resulted from various reflections. PCOD and thyroid disorders can be treated well. There clinical evidences for the proliferative disorders like fibroids, endometriosis in aiding pregnancy. Auto immune problems and psychological problems can also encountered safely.

General considerations

When a couple is not conceived they are dragged down to “Surgical intervention for infertility”. They may not been given time to think for safe medications. Assisted reproduction techniques like artificial insemination, IVF (Inter vitro fertilization), GIFT (Gamette intrafallopian tube transplantation), ZIFT (Zygote intrafallopian transfer), and ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic Sperm insertion) are essential only when medicinal help failures and time framing fertilizations. Drilling and puncturing for PCOD, Hormonal replacement therapy for thyroid disorders would results in complications, which could reduce the fertility rate in progress. Even such cases effectively handled with Homoeopathic medications. It does not mean that Homoeopathy is against such procedures, a suggestion for economical and most ideal treatment.

Clinical evidence


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