AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Center is a non governmental organization., aimed to promote Homoeopathy and Advance Homoeopathic Science by providing all types of Education and Research The center will assist and associate with efforts of other academic bodies, governmental and other non governmental organizations for the promotion of Homoeopathic System. The organization exerts its on creating health awareness to the public, start hospitals, research laboratories and print and publish for the promotion of Homoeopathic system. The organization prefers to conduct clinical research on various headings and serve the rural areas. The organization also aimed to arrange seminars, workshops, public awareness meets, exhibitions and convention constitutes awards a view to prompting in studies and research for the propagation of Homoeopathic system

The main objects are

1. To promote and advance Homoeopathic science by providing all types of Education and Research
2. To assist and associate with the efforts of other academic bodied governmental and non governmental for the welfare of Homoeopathic system
3. To adopt measures in the propagation of Homoeopathy by arranging scientific seminars, workshops exhibitions conference and convention
4. To institute and award scholarship fellowships monetary assistance and awards with a view to promoting interest in studies and research
5. To propagate public health awareness through free medical camps and maintain a free library for all
6. To print and publish journals for the promotion of the objects of the trust
7. To start, establish, organize herborium on medicinal plants, hospitals and Research laboratories
8. To serve orphanages, Old age homes, and mentally and physically handicapped by providing shelters

Dr.R. Gnanasambandam, an eminent physician in the field and who hold various positions in state and central government founded this organization and he renders service for the welfare of the body. A medical team is headed by him undertake and serves various projects
The organization has served for the promotion and development of Homoeopathy. Seminars and Workshops for Homoeopathic Physicians. Public Awareness meet on various ailments , free medical camps and clinical research had been hosted with good appreciation