“My daughter is seventeen years old now, not attained puberty!”

“I have my periods regularly on date, now absent for three months!”

-Very common conversations we come across in many occasions.

     Delay in attainment of puberty and any abnormal rhythm, alarms every women. Absence of periods in between puberty and menopause is a clear signal of pregnancy, however in some cases amenorrhea can indicate an underlying medical problem. If the problem is present in a young girl who has not started to menstruate even at of age 16 yrs is medically termed as Primary Amenorrhoea and the term secondary Amenorrhoea is used to indicate those who had previously regular menstrual cycles.

Primary Amenorrhoea

    Primary Amenorrhoea, that is delay in puberty or failure may be because of some hormonal imbalance or developmental problem. There may be a pituitary dysfunction, ovarian failure or some developmental problems in Ovaries and Uterus.

Some girls may need more time to mature and get delayed onset of menses. It may be considered normal, if the menses start upto 18years. Otherwise the body changes start appearing like growth spurt, breast development and genital hair. Sometimes very low weight or dietary deficiencies are also responsible for such delay. Just waiting and improvement in general health status helps in starting the menstruation.

     The normal menstrual cycle is under the control of certain hormones. The pituitary secretes LH and FSH from the pituitary gland in the brain. A deficiency in these hormones ovarian stimulation impaired and causes Primary Amenorrhoea.

     Hyperprolactinaemia is a condition where another pituitary hormone Prolactin is secreted in excess due to the presence of Tumour.

In some cases ovaries do not develop properly. This may happen due to some genetic defect, some environmental influences during development or due to certain unexplained reasons. Congenital malformations are also reported in many cases. These may also happen due to genetic defects or environmental effects.
Other rare causes include general illness like thyroid disease, diabetes, tuberculosis etc, which may occur at young age usually and affect the onset of menses. Treatment of primary disease results in solving menstrual problem also.

Secondary Amenorrhoea
    Secondary amenorrhoea is a very common ailment in women. Delay in periods for few days would make stressful in a women, since the most common cause is pregnancy. A variety of reasons can cause secondary amenorrhoea.

The first cause could be a hormonal imbalance! Hypothalamus, which is highly associated with our emotions, has to order pituitary gland to secrete the Follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) and Leutinizing hormone (LH). The ovaries releases ovum and secretes the hormone Oestrogen and Progestrone . These hormones ripe and grow the inner lining of the uterus. These hormones control menstruation and growth of an embryo here.

    Any obstruction in this tract, even our emotions and environmental change could make some deviation in the hormonal levels, thereby causes early or delayed periods in women commonly. Now a days polycystic ovarian disease, hypothyroidism, adrenal disorders obesity associate themselves in eliciting a hormonal imbalance very frequently. Anaemia, Tuberculosis and any illness even fever could results in change in periods.



What to do?

    Primary Amenorrhoea is an uncommon condition. It requires proper investigations, hormonal evaluation, ultrasound and proper treatment of the underlying cause. Even if treatment is not possible the patient and family should know the exact problem and its implications.

    Normally the patients may think that the “Hormone Therapy" will counter their problem. But it is not an ideal treatment. The hormonal preparations can bring withdrawal bleeding in uterus, giving a relief to our mind. If it is continued by the patient for a long time may results in enormous side effects.

  The best way to treat is by the natural way, by eliminating the causative factors. Menstrual problems are usually associated with other problems such as Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease, obesity, hypothyroidism and other pathological lesions commonly. They should be considered as a single entity to achieve the goal.

  The main advantage in Homoeopathic treatment is free from side effects. The medicines are much diluted and administered dynamically to root the problems to meet the problems naturally. Homoeopathy can find solution for primary and secondary amenorrhoea.



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