Hypothyroidism treated effectively with


Hypothyroidism requires hormone replacement , which likely to be continued life time. Many victims had withdrawn medication after homoeopathic medication. Homoeopathy roots the causative factor and eliminate dynamically. Revitalization is natural without side effects

Clinical evidence on hypothyroidism to show effectiveness in women

A female aged 30 years presented dullness, hair loss, irregular periods and obesity. Her provisional diagnosis was hypothyroidism and her blood tests also confirmed. TSH elevation was 172.46 uIU/ml, a highest level, which never reported so far. The T3, and T4 also very low. She responded to homoeopathic Medicines with in short period and screening confirmed normal thyroid profile.

The report states very high TSH and Low T3 and T4 levels

The report confirms normal parameters of thyroid function.

Clinical evidence to uillustrate effectiveness in young women

A female aged 26 had irregularity in periods and dullness in activities. Routine check up revealed hypothyroid status. Her complaints returned to normal and blood study also corroborated the symptoms.

The report stating more TSH level and low thyroid hormones

The blood test states normal findings



Clinical evidence

       Hypothyroidism with PCOD conceived after twelve years!
       A case of thyrotoxicosis recovered
       Hyperthyrodism patient conceived