Hyperthyrodism patient conceived

A female aged 28 years presented the symptoms of thyrotoxicosis .She had miscarriage after her marriage and underwent routine check up when she noticed swelling in the neck. The scan report stated thyrotoxicosis and her thyroid blood profile also corroborated the scan reports. She had been treated considering her all disorders as a whole. Her blood screened for thyroid function was normal and later reported that she conceived.

Thyroid scan states she in thyrotoxicosis

Before Treatment

Thyroid function tests shows hyperthyroidism. Appreciate the elevation in T3 and T4 and fall in TSH level, which is a cardinal feature of Hyperthyroidism

After Treatment

The blood report states normal parameters T3,T4, falls within limits and TSH return back to normal. The Urine for pregnancy test also positive

Clinical evidence

       Hypothyroidism treated effectively with Homoeopathy
       Hypothyroidism with PCOD conceived after twelve years!
       A case of thyrotoxicosis recovered