Obesity…a common problem

“My daughter is much feels about her weight. She not mingling with
her friends . Often sits alone; easily depressed

“ My knees swollen and painful! My doctor says to get it replaced and
weight is the problem ! “

Everybody is crazy to look thin like a professional model. Many think that obese people look older than their age with less attractive and unpleasant appearance. Obesity is a very common problem in our society. Eventhough the cosmetic eye differs from individual to individual, it is essential to look with special on the medical problems of the affected victim.

Why do they gain more weight?

Obesity arises from multiple factors. It is a complex interaction between genetic, hormonal, psychological, socio-economic, and cultural factors.


    The most important cause of obesity is a person’s heredity. Obesity tends to run in some families; very often they import their tendency either from paternal or maternal side. Even though this predisposition is found from childhood it may be reported in the middle age groups also.


    Hormones play major role in weight gain. Since, men and women face enormous disturbances with their internal secretions. Women are more likely because they undergo changes during puberty, monthly periods, pregnancy and menopause. Among them hypothyroidism takes majority. This usually occurs after childbirth causing silent inflammation and starts less hormones. Young girls are also prone to get this disorder usually with polycystic ovarian disease in which the symptom of irregular period and unwanted hair growth results. Fertility among these girls are also less now a days because ovulation occurs occasionally. Surgical removal of uterus, intake of hormonal preparations to counteract their menstrual irregularities, and other endocrine dysfunctions falls under this category.

    In male obesity is less common than women, mostly youngsters may suffer with hypogonadism in which the serum testosterone, the masculine hormone tend to fall than the required level. They may present the symptoms as retarded moustache and beard growth, feminine voice, breast enlargement and lethargic in activities.


    Dietary habits increase in the prevalence of obesity is higher due to dietary fat and over eating. When the calorie exceeds our requirement, it is deposited as fat and put on weight. Smoking and drinking promote fat storage. Another important thing is a person’s psyche. Some people tend to eat always even though they are not hungry. It is quite interesting to note the controversial weight gain in depressed and anxiety minds. Few individual eats well during that psychological state.

Life style

    The next common cause is sedentary habits and lack of exercise. Sedentary life-styles such as office workers, watching TV are the strongest indicators of obesity. Some people sleep during daytime giving good rest to the body, which help to deposit more and more fat. ”Pot belly” is very common among men who are accustomed with sedentary habits.

What would happen?

Obese persons are likely to suffer Physical, Social and Mental problems. Physical activity of any sort can be quite difficult due to shortness of breath and easy fatigue, so that even housework or continuous employment is a challenge. They gash for little works. Lethargy and laziness makes them to keep away from their regular work and makes the others very irritable. Psychological interactions like disturbance in sleep, anxiety and depression are very common.

There are too many diseases but most frequent problems are diabetes, cardio vascular disorders, arthritis, menstrual irregularities and gallstones are very common now days. Diabetes is very common among the obese persons because extra body surface demands more insulin and creates insulin resistance. Hypertension is the next common underlying cause of obesity. Thus obesity increases the risk for the development of a “stroke” or “heart attack”.

An increase in body weight adds trauma to the weight bearing joints and becomes a major predictor of osteoarthritis of knee. There is a significant correlation between uric acid levels and obesity. So obesity causes joint pains not only mechanically, but also by impaired metabolism.

Obese women are predisposed to get menstrual irregularities, because obesity impairs hormones. Many obese girls suffer from infertility. Gall bladder disease and fatty liver are common among obese patients. The cholesterol ratio is altered in bile secretion to predispose stones.

How to overcome?

Many people frustrated with advice to cut down the food and exercise regularly. It is extremely difficult unless they think positively. Understanding the problem for his weight gain is absolutely necessary to meet his expectation.

    It is highly essential to check periods regularity and also have an eye on your emotions to rule your hormonal balance. If you have severe pimples with cystic lesions, unwanted hair growth over chin, lips and limbs, you are likely to have polycystic ovarian disease. This condition also promotes weight gain in some individuals. If your family members have genetic predisposition for obesity and thyroid problems monitor your blood yearly. Similarly the boys may show hypogonadism with obesity in which they have retarded hair growth and flabbiness.

If you are middle age tries to avoid sedentary habits and keep engage in some physical activities to burn your extra calories. If you have familial predisposition be careful with your diet. Eat three or four moderate Meals or Tiffin with high fiber and low fat diet. If you are pregnant more chances to gain weight, since you may undergo heavy hormonal changes. After childbirth postpartum thyroiditis may silently impair and hypothyroidism drag you to gain more weight. Prevention is possible with Homoeopathic Medicines. Monitor your blood if you have predisposition. You need some sort of regular physical activity such as running, walking and jogging.

    If you crossed the middle age you plan your diet and exercise according to your physical ability. If you are obese, definitely you need a medical supervision to evaluate the basic cause and to prevent the forthcoming problems in your health. Cardiac and hypertensive patients may choose walking and lighter work. If you have arthritis you cannot walk or run, so prepare cycling or swimming according to your capabilities, as it will not put more weight on your joints.

Make every thing into habit, and then you won’t miss it even a single day. Women can involve themselves in all household activities such as scrubbing and washing. Make your kitchen wonderful and look attractive. While watching television do some work such as knitting, slicing vegetables. Make things interesting. These will certainly make you to lose some weight. If you want to become more slim and trim, practice these simple exercises.

If you want to reduce your tummy the simple way is exercise. Try abdominal exercise. Lie on the floor, on your back, arms by your sides with palms upward, legs together and fully stretched. Raise the legs a few inches from the floor and move the legs up and down without touching the floor. Continue till you feel tired. Initially start with ten times a day then gradually extend.

Do not let your body to the ready made medicinal preparations without knowing your inner cause later it could drag you to some other track.

What about diet?

Diet is complex factor, since it involves not only fat but also the other triggers like carbohydrate and protein. Planning of diet varies according to their nature of illness. Generally fat is the best promoter of fleshiness having an extra affinity to attack the blood stream. It is our duty to know the bad and good cholesterol in prevention of cardiac ailments. So avoid all saturated fats, which contains the bad cholesterol, from diet such as Meat, Chicken, Butter, Cream, Egg, Cheese, Coconut, Chocolate, Ice cream and Cake. Add leafy vegetables and fruits to increase good cholesterol as they have fiber content. If you are diabetic you require special chart.

The simple way is starve your stomach in breakfast. If you could not follow, drink a cup of fruit juice or milk. No solid food! No snacks! If you are exhausted quickly refresh with a glass of lime or sugar added water. That is enough to bring down the unnecessary fat from your body. Prepare a meal for your lunch as usual. Supper is added with mini Tiffin and Fruit salad to compensate your nutrients. Certainly and gradually your fat dissolves!

Do’s and Don’ts

       Avoid sedentary habits such as watching TV
       Engage in some physical activities to burn your extra calories.
       Avoid day sleeping.
       Do not smoke or drink alcohol as they induce obesity.
       Eat three or four moderate meals a day with high fiber and low fat diet.
       Keep your stomach partially empty to fill with soft drinks, juices and          plenty of water.
       Fasting twice a week helps in reducing weight.
       Eliminate sugar, which is similar to pure glucose and quickly used up          bythe body because, it is easier to break down.


Homoeopathy medicine could benefit obese victims in many aspects. Homoeopathy studies the whole person in respect of physical and mental make up of the patient with a focus to the specific complaints. It has been clinically proved that suitable medicine without side effect in Poly cystic ovarian disease, thyroid disorders, hypogonadism and other endocrine disorders. Many reported when they returned to normal life stating “I lost useless fat!”

Clinical evidence


       A case of thyrotoxicosis recovered
       Hyperthyrodism patient conceived
       Hypothyroidism treated effectively with Homoeopathy
       Hypothyroidism with PCOD conceived after twelve years!