Hyperthyroidism…when too much

An overactive thyroid gland, which secretes more hormones often, has its onset in younger women. This Grave’s Disease is produced normally with a nodular, non-cancerous enlargement of thyroid gland. Auto immunity, infections and over medication are the other reasons, often provoked by stress and smoke in many cases.

Initially the physical signs and symptoms start with palpitations, trembling of hands, sweating, and nausea with increased bowel movements. The eyes become exophthalmic, protrudes due to the swelling of the tissues behind them to give an appearance of a starring and bug –eye. Mentally the victims are very irritable, nervous and they are unable to concentrate any thing. The increased metabolic activity changes the menstrual cycles and results tiredness and insomnia. Intolerance of heat and hair loss is also noted among the sufferers.

Many of these symptoms are similar to the changes experienced by women around the time of menopause and pregnancy, hence making a clear diagnosis is very important. Cardiac complaints like chest pain; failures are expected in advanced cases because the heart muscles exert great pressure while pumping.

       Irritability, nervousness and sleep disturbances.
       Weight loss, muscle weakness and tremors.
       Palpitation with excessive perspiration.
       Irregular periods.
       Heat intolerance.
       Hair becoming thin and brittle.
       Bulging of eyes – Exophthalmia.

Clinical evidence

       A case of thyrotoxicosis recovered
       Hyperthyrodism patient conceived
       Hypothyroidism treated effectively with Homoeopathy
       Hypothyroidism with PCOD conceived after twelve years!