What is fat?
              Everybody is crazy to look thin like a professional model. No wonder that ``FAT`` has become a dirty word.  In fact fat is a single entity not a singular. There are different fats in the human body. Fat may be solids, semisolids and liquids both thin and viscous. Each of them is composed of three fatty-acid molecules plus one glycerol molecule and so doctors call fats as triglycerides. It has vital importance in Hypertension and Heart attacks.Our liver helps to produce both types of cholesterol. It can build up as plaque in the arteries, clog them and ultimately, cause heart attacks and strokes.

              There are two types of Cholesterol “ Good” and “Bad”. High-density lipoprotein HDL, the “good,” removes cholesterol from the cells and zooms it back to the liver, where it is either reprocessed or excreted. Low-density lipoprotein LDL, the “bad,” is sloppier and more sluggish. On its routine trip from liver to cells, it drops cholesterol along the way, which sticks to the artery walls, hardens and accumulates to the point of blockage in due course.

Their specific chemical make-up determines whether they are :

Poly-unsaturated fatty acids - Sunflower seeds, walnuts, leafy green vegetables, corn and soya beans.

Mono-unsaturated fatty acids - Sanola oil and olive oil

Saturated fatty acids   -  Organ  meat, fried chicken, butter, cream, egg, cheese, coconut, chocolate, ice cream and cake.

            Saturated fatty acids raises blood level of “Cholesterol”. Very vital information which everybody should know is that food high in saturated fats raises the levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood. Now they are suspected of being carcinogenic also.

            You know obesity, cigarette smoking, steroid use and sedentary lifestyle also elevate “bad” cholesterol levels. Avoiding saturated animal fats, increasing exercise and “Dietary fiber”, high intake of Vitamin C, losing weight and swearing off cigarettes-  will increase blood levels with “good” cholesterol.   The best fat to be used for cooking are oils high in unsaturated fatty acids, because these raise “good” cholesterol levels, which in turn flush out the “ bad.” Highest marks go to sun flower oil

Note: Many grains, brans, fruits and vegetables contain both types of fiber. But no animal food like meat, eggs, milk, cheese, etc., provides any fiber whatsoever.