Insomnia...No Narcotics...better cure with sweet pills   

I had been suffering from lack of sleep from 18 years. I used to suffer very much during my study times. When my friends used to have a good night sleep, I used to be awake and disturbed very much.

One person, a chettiyar in my village brought me here to Dr.Gnanasambandam for homoeopathic treatment. After three months treatment itself I started sleeping well. I am very well able to sleep in the day time also.

I had a very bad impression that as my father commited suicide due to this problem. Even Iwill end up with the same. But after taking homoeopathic treatment I am totally all right and believe that I will continue this for the rest of my life.

    S Anxiety neurosis lays stones for many illnesses. A student may not write his exam well even though he had enough learning. Many find difficult to overcome anxiety in working places, meeting friends, crowds etc. These unexplainable state of mind works well with homoeopathic medicines. and in future it does not require any medication.