Depression...Now I am alright!    

I am xxxxxx. My wife was suffering from severe depression for the past fifteen years. Her nature is very active, irritable and very sensitive to simple words. She never sits in the house always hurt- hasty in doing things. She is affectionate to all. The problems started when I took her to an Gastroendrologist. She had the problem of pain in the stomach and gastric complaints. She had her stools with blood. Doctor advised us to undergo a colonoscopy and gave the result as Ulcerative Colitis. She started brooding into the complaints one by one. Her facial expression was very gloomy after then, every behaviour, chain of changes made every body worrying. She lost her sleep. She was very suspicious, weeps sometimes and laughs some times. It made me to consult a psychiatrist.

He prescribed tranquilizers and sedatives. I know that it won’t cure her condition. Then I took her for homoeopathic treatment. He analyzed her well and gave medicines. Initially I can say that there was good improvement. Gradually she started showing remarkable change in her behaviour after six months. She started dressing well and behaved well. She looked after her duties as I saw her normally. Now she is not taking any medicines for her complaints. She has stopped everything.

    Sound mind is important for every body. We are very often habituated, untrained to control our emotions. We are not able to balance sorrows. Homoeopathy gives more importance not only to the pathological nature of the disease but also to the mind and body. Application of our medicine covers the entire totality of symptoms to cure the patient. .