Anxiety Neurosis...I feel superior now!    

I am an Assistant Executive Engineer working for Electricity board. My problem was fear. I was very much disturbed with fear. My personality was changed entirely by fear and inferiority complex. The persons working below me, even my peon does not respect me.

My fear is something different than usual. Whenever I go out I feel buses, cars will crush me. If I walk from narrow passages I feel the buildings would fall on me. I cannot climb and see the things from open teress. I felt as if I will fall from their.

I don’t have sleep. I had frequent attacks of chest pain. I consulted a Cardiologist. The studies and investigations were normal. I request my wife to accampany me always. I cannot go any where without an attender. Finally my wife brought me here for homoeopathic treatment. I took treatment here for nearly six months. Now I have skipped every thing. In my office everybody gives me a surprise look as I command others! I feel superior now!

    Our medicines may or may not induce sleep immediately. Many patients expect change as in modern system " Is this dosage enough? Doctor! I require more because I don't sleep even if I take two calmpose tablets". In our system we don't give importance to the quantity. The medicines are very dynamic in action. It won`t mix with the blood and sedate the sleep center in the brain to make you sleep.

A well-selected remedy will make repose of mind in due coarse to have better sleep always. No requirement to follow every day. After regaining your normal sleep skip your medicines.