Low sperm count can be improved with   homoeopathic medicines

       Low sperm count is a common problem of male infertility can be easily tackled with homoeopathic medicines. Here assessment of root cause and application of a Homoeopathic remedy based on his individuality will help for fast improvement in a case. Many had shown excellent result with in short period of treatment and their partner conceived. Few clinical illustrations based on the aetiology of the case

Clinical Evidence

      A thirty-one year male consulted for low sperm count. Initially the count was 4-11 millions. He presented 15 millions/ml with 20% motility while switch over to homoeopathy. Here psychological findings such as anxiety and depression played an important role in spermatogenesis, as there were no pathological findings. A homoeopathic remedy was prescribed after studying the mental and physical plane of the patient. After taking medicines gradually improved and the final; study in a reputed infertility center was read as 86 millions/ml with 40% motile sperms!

In 2000 march the sperm count was 15 millions/ml

In 2000 july the sperm count was 42 millions/ml

In 2000 december the sperm count was 60 millions/ml

Now... the count is 86 millions/cu.mm

Clinical evidences


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