A case of Hydrocele with low sperm count      improveddrastically

        A male aged 44 consulted for male infertility, who is married for twelve years. He presented the seminal analysis report which gave 14 millions/ml with 21% motility. He scan study also reported hydrocele for which he was advised surgery. He also had pain in joints. He was prescribed with homoeopathic medicines to cover his both major complaints. His self test showed 30 millions in few months and raised 115 millions/ml.

        His partner also suffered from irregularity in periods due to hypothyroidism and homoeopathic treatment was given. She gave birth to a child after 12 years.

Scan reports state hydrocele !

1995 sperm count was 14 million /ml with 21% motility

1999 sperm count was 30 million/ml with 10% motility

2000…the count is 115 million/ml with 90% motility

Clinical evidences


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