Homoeopathy finds solution to erectile dysfunction

      Premature ejaculation, impotence and other sexual perversions can be treated with Homoeopathic Medicines. Since these dysfunctions are psychological in origin needs counseling as first phase, followed with a suitable homoeopathic remedy.

We don’t use the aphrodisiac medicines, which are expected to give instant effect. Gradual recovery would bring the individual to harmony. This can be illustrated with a case study

A boy aged 26 years consulted for erectile dysfunction following habitual masturbation.
“ I have lost my erection power, it is not good as before !”
“ I scared to get married !’

He was shy, fearful, restless and anxious always. His eyes lost its eye contact while speaking. When he stretched his hands, it trembled. He became very nervous and told I am unable to perform his duties well in the auditing office. A counseling part followed with a Homoeopathic remedy made him to marry with a period of four months. His temperament also changed drastically

Many young married men with premature ejaculation presents depression in life and loss of sleep. Many has recovered from their complaints. .

Clinical evidences


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