Bilateral Varicocele with few sperms improved drastically

        The efficacy of homoeopathic Medicines In vascular disorder is unexplainable to the scientific community. It has been seen in Haemorrhoids and Varicose veins in the legs . . Varicocele is very similar to Haemorrhoids in its pathophysiological application.In the treatment of infertility improvement with out surgery has been demonstrated in many cases. Here is an another clinical evidence to understand the efficacy of homoeopathy

A patient aged 28 married since five years had been reported with only few sperms in seminal analysis. His scan report detected varicosity in both sides. Suitable homoeopathic Medicines gradually improved his count and final result was 58 million.

Scan report states that the varicocele on both sides of the scrotum

Seminal Analysis states that only few sperms

Moderate increase after few months

Drastic improvement with 58 million

Clinical evidences


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