Uterine growth fibroid…clinical evidence

      Any growth in the body is considered as proliferation. It means that the cells in the particular area is annoyed and started swelling than the normal size, so basically a swelling results externally and internally as a growth. Uterine fibroid is an example for such modification. It would be challenging without surgery. Homoeopathy has served in many occasions with its penetrating action.

Clinical evidence
      A female-aged 39 years, who is longing for a child since 10 years, presented the investigations confirming a large fibroid. Her husband’s seminal analysis was normal. Even though surgery was insisted, they were not preferred, as it would complicate conception. She attained her menarche at the age of thirteenth year. Onwards she had regular periods with four days duration at the interval of 28-35 days. She had experienced pain sometimes before onset. After marriage, she underwent regular check up and the ultra sonogram revealed fibroid.

The space-occupying lesion had not given any associated symptoms like, pain, profuse bleeding or pressure symptoms on bladder or rectum. She experienced some dragging sensation and abdomen became bellious which made others putting a question, “Are you pregnant now?”

      She is very attentive and very quick in perceptions, sensitive and emotional, anxious broods over her illness. Fear and anxiety on her illness at times derive her depression. Now her attitude has changed towards loathing on life. Few incidents revealed her suspicious and jealous mind and her husband was not bothered about children, but concerned only of his wife’s complaint “Fibroid” and also suspected malignancy since her ancestors had carcinoma. General examination was normal and systemic examination revealed palpable mass per abdomen. Blood parameters were with in limits and the imaging studies revealed large fibroid uterus.Anti sycotic Remedy was prescribed based on sycotic background of the patient. Cured completely

Before Treatment

A large fibroid …..

After Treatment

Scan Report shows Normal Pelvic Study


Clinical evidences


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