Secondary amenorrhoea…safe, natural way of treatment

     A variety of reasons can cause secondary amenorrhoea. Polycystic ovarian disease, ovarian cysts, hypothyroidism and, obesity associate themselves in eliciting a hormonal imbalance very frequently. Anaemia and other nutritional deficiencies can be corrected by diet, but pathological lesions and hormonal imbalance require suitable treatment.

Homoeopathy could serve best in these categories and successfully establish cures. There are lots of case studies with clinical evidence on PCOD, Hypothyroidism and other ailments pertaining to secondary amenorrhoea. Here clinical illustration with an ovarian cyst, which resulted irregularity in periods and associated complaints.

Clinical illustration
     An unmarried girl aged thirty-three years presented 9 months amenorrhoea. Earlier she had induced periods with hormones for three years. Scan report for pelvis suggested a cyst in the left ovary. She opted homoeopathic treatment to avoid surgery. She was prescribed with a homoeopathic drug based on her constitution and miasmatic background.

      Further for months she had not menstruated, since she was instructed already about the nature of the illness, she was free from anxiety and avoided hormone therapy. She menstruated after that, then again skipped her periods for thee months, finally every thing came to normal gradually in following months.

Before Treatment

Scan Report Show Cyst In Left Ovary


After Treatment

Scan Report Show Cyst In Left Ovary



Clinical evidences


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