Painful periods … homoeopathy finds solution

      Homoeopathy medicines are effective both in primary and secondary dysmenorhoea. Homoeopathic remedies are applied on the similarity of the patient’s symptoms, which can penetrate deep to root them dynamically. The secondary causative factors are also curable with homoeopathic medicines. Clinically many had escaped from the monthly disaster.

Clinical illustration
      A girl aged twenty-three years presented monthly abdominal pain during her periods since 10 years. Every month she managed her pain with painkillers. After six months homoeopathic treatment she was able to manage her periods every month boldly. No giddiness, No sweating.


      Painkillers or narcotics could palliate and useful in emergency situations, but it is not curative. The basic causative factors should be focused and treated to establish cure in dysmenorrhoeic individuals.


Clinical evidences



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