PCOD with Hypothyrodism ... total solution

   Poly cystic ovarian Disease and Hypothyroidism often presented as a package de
al in some individuals. In many individuals besides the “Insulin Resistance” auto immune hypothyroidism increase the risk of hormonal imbalance, which tend to alter other hormones also. Homoeopathy serves treats the patient as a whole and look for the collective symptoms. A suitable remedy administered to arouse the body and revitalize it. It can be illustrated with a case here.

      A female aged 24 years presented irregular periods, unwanted facial hair growth. She underwent routine tests the blood study stated hypothyroidism and scan study of the pelvis revealed poly cystic ovarian disease. She initially had hormone replacement therapy, then switched to homoeopathic treatment, as she had no improvement. After few months the scan was repeated, which found to be normal. Blood also screened for hypothyroidism, parameters were normal. She had regular periods and general health also improved. After two year ,she repeated the scan that also studied normal

Before Treatment

The blood test showing the hypothyroid status. TSH elevated than the normal level.

Ultra sonogram of the pelvis sates Bilateral PCOD

After Treatment

Blood test for thyroid profile with in normal limits

Scan report stating ovaries are free from cysts.

The scan repeated after two years which studied as normal


Clinical evidences


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