PCOD with Hirsutism…great scope

      Unwanted facial hair growth over chin, upper lip, chest, abdomen, fore arms and legs are very common features of polycystic ovarian disease. Serum testosterone elevated in these victims and hair apparatus is stimulated. Even though the external measures hide the situation, internal problem lies in the body and hair tend to grow thicker. Homoeopathy roots the basic problem to regularize the serum testosterone level. Gradually the hair growth recedes and the other allied problems also find solution together. It can be illustrated with a case.

Clinical Illustration

      A Girl aged 23 years was suffering from unwanted facial hair growth since three years. She also had irregularity in periods since six years. Her mother took her to a Gynaecologist, she advised Hormone therapy to regularize periods. Meanwhile she had been asked to undergo a pelvic scan, which studied tiny follicles on both sides of ovaries giving impression as polycystic ovaries. Her hormonal count for testosterone was very high. They were fed up with the treatment and finally approached homoeopathic treatment.

      After a thorough study, the serum testosterone was again analyzed which gave the reading as 727ng/ml and the scan study for pelvis also suggested poly cystic ovarian disease. The hormone level is as high in male who can produce hair growth during teen age. She took homoeopathic treatment and underwent palliative measures like bleaching to avoid social embarrassment. When she resumed her periods back another blood study and scan was taken. The blood serum testosterone level was 0.43ng/ml and pelvic sonogram stated that her ovaries were normal

      After a period of three or four months she informed that “My hair growth has considerably reduced and I go for bleaching occasionally. Now my periods are also normal .She discontinued the medicine after few months

Before Treatment

Scan report showing bilateral PCOD

Blood test for serum testosterone reveals high levels

After Treatment

Scan report stating that ovaries are free from cysts

Blood study showing that hormones within limits


Clinical evidences

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