Endometriosis … homoeopathy suits recurrence

   Any abnormal cell growth may recur even after surgery; this incidence is more in endometriotic lesions. Even though surgery removes the growth, the inner root cause is not traced and treated, so the cells starts proliferate again. Homoeopathy wonders in such ailments penetrating its action deep into the cellar pathology. This can be illustrated with a case of endometriosis.

Clinical illustration

      A female aged 37 yrs complained pain in lower abdomen during periods. She undergone a surgery for two endometriotic cysts on both sides of her ovary and her uterus also was removed in 1997. She was quiet happy for three months, but pain returned back after a period of six months. Again she consulted and the Ultra sonogram studied as endometric cysts on both sides and again surgery were performed.

      But these things were of short time for her; in the beginning of 1999 she took another scan as the result showed three cysts. She was fed up with her pain. When surgery was advised again, she switch on to alternative solution… Homoeopathy! Pain was better with in couple of month treatment. She continued her treatment without any break. The scan report over a period of eight months time studied only one cyst with minimum size. No pain now. She discharges her duties well. Studies can be interpreted by the reports.

Before Treatment

Endometriosis with three cysts were operated…


After one year cysts reappeared and operated again…


After eight months again three cysts…

After Treatment

After Homoeopathic treatment, two masses disappeared and a small mass seen


Clinical evidences

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