Primary amenorrhoea… No hormones!

      Many individual seeks hormones to induce menses; even absence of periods for few days makes them more agony. Many people aware of the adverse effects produced by hormones such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and carcinogenic effects. The hormone therapy is essential in unavoidable circumstances. Homoeopathy offers without side effects and the approach is different from other systems of medicines. It is suitable for both the types.

      The primary amenorrhoea is always associated with some functional block, which can be fastened by a suitable homoeopathic medicine. Structural deformities are also amenable to homoeopathic treatment. Secondary amenorrhoea can be treated successfully than primary amenorrhoea. Many cases responded with non-hormonal, natural way of treatment.

Clinical evidence

      A girl aged 15 yrs, has not attained puberty. She underwent routine examinations the scan report revealed that uterus is not developed well. The uterus is hypo plastic. Her secondary sexual growth such as breast enlargement, pubic and axillary hair growth were retarded. A suitable homoeopathic medicine entirely changed her physical structure and attained periods after a year. Scan report also confirmed the uterine development .

Before Treatment

Scan Report Shows Infantile Type of Uterus

After Treatment

Scan Report Shows Normal Study of Uterus


Clinical evidences



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