Flexible, shiny, vibrant hair is a sign of a healthy, well-nourished body, while dry, dull, lifeless hair is a signal of poor nutrition and poor overall health. Proteins, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals are essential for better hair growth. Hair shaft is made up of protein. Hair loss and dry brittle hair results from inadequate protein intake. Hair colour depends on colour pigment Melanin; absence may results in white hair. Fat is essential to lustre hair, especially the linoleic acid keeps the sebaceous gland very active. The sebaceous secretion sebum keeps the hair more shinny, lustrous and flexible.

B complex & C vitamins also plays an important role in keeping the hair healthy. Minerals like Iron, selenium and zinc are also essential to keep your hair healthy

Follow a low-fat, high protein  diet with the minerals, iron, calcium, selenium and vitamins.

Limit the  intake of coffee, tea, alcohol, and other fluids that increase water loss.

Add more food  rich  in lenoleic acid  such as  fish, meat, milk and vegetable  oils.

Carrot, Beets, Curry leaves and greens prevents premature graying